About Us

The guiding principle of Krismar Sp. z o.o. Sp. K. is to have reliable and conscientious approach to clients and employees. We are characterized by transparency and openness to help all parties on the job market.

The goal of our company is to recruit the best experts, to keep them motivated, rewarded and to offer their services and skills to our clients at competitive rates. Due to this our clients have a guarantee that the work/production flow will be uninterrupted, and our employees feel valued and well rewarded.

We offer welding and metalworking services, as well as other works related to metal machining. Our services are provided at clients production facilities or on location under the supervision of the client. We specialize in:

Repairs of rail vehicles, building and assembling of steel elements, building of roads and rail tracks, building of rail vehicles and buses, electrical and wiring services, shipbuilding, simple physical work and many others according to the needs of our clients. We operate in Poland as well as abroad. We serve both companies and individual customers.

Many companies chose to work with us and they recommend us as a solid an trustworthy partner that not only guarantees sufficient manpower but also covers logistical aspect and quarters for its staff.

Our ranks have been strengthened by experienced staff of over 800 workers from the former Eastern Bloc countries such as Ukraine, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Moldova. Our staff are professionally prepared to complete delegated tasks, they are issued with necessary personal protective equipment, suitable work clothes, health and safety training and medical assessments.

What distinguishes us from others is flexibility and rapid response to the needs of our clients, which ensures increase in production capabilities in the shortest possible time. Cooperation with us will reduce the cost of time consuming recruitment and selection of qualified employees , their training, work introduction at specific position, costs relating to sickness, annual leave and dismissal.

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