Are you looking for work that suits you perfectly? We have it! Don’t hesitate, use our application form for new employees. We guarantee work in many sectors of economy for workers of varying levels of professional education. If you are looking for permanent or temporary work, you’ve found the right place. We have tens of contracts in various parts of Poland, you are sure to find suitable offer tailored to your needs and expectations.

We provide our employees:

  • Full social cover including insurance,
  • Logistical support and housing,
  • Internet access,
  • Help with legal aspects for non-EU citizens,
  • Meritorical support and advice in the matters relating to the legality of stay and work permit,
  • Support from a dedicated Contract Coordinator,
  • Suitable workwear meeting the requirements of Health and Safety regulations,
  • Various options for cooperation (contract of employment, contract of commission, self-employed),
  • Additional life insurance,
  • Opportunity for growth and raising of qualifications for eg. By gaining welding certificates, electrical/wiring permissions etc

The most important thing for us is for you to find work that suits you and will provide you and your family means to live well. What are you good at? What do you enjoy doing? If you answer these questions we will surely have a suitable offer of work that will allow you to develop your skills and earn good salary.

Don’t wait, apply today!

For more information we invite you to visit: –websites for candidates from Poland, – Website for candidates from outside of European Union.